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In-line monitoring of microgel production processes
Projects G2 aims at the in-line measurement of monomer and polymer concentration with simultaneous determination of particle number density and particle size distribution. Exploiting the physics of light scattering and turbidity in combination with simultaneously applied Raman spectroscopy will yield a precise measurement of microgel polymerization processes. For the interpretation of the raw data and the calculation of the state variables during the polymerization, complex scattering models will be developed and included in non-linear multivariate regression methods. It is envisaged to develop a novel, integrated spectroscopic and light-scattering probe that enables in-situ measurement and control of the polymerization reaction.
Principle Investigators:
Mitsos, Alexander, Prof. Ph. D.
AVT – Process Systems Engineering
RWTH Aachen University
+49 241 80-94704
Janzen, Christoph, Dr. rer. nat.
Chair for Laser Technology LLT
RWTH Aachen University
+49 241 8906-8003