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Polyelectrolyte-microgel membranes
Patterned polyelectrolyte-based membranes for molecular separations, e.g. charged-mosaic membranes (CMMs) and electrodialysis membranes, require control of the active layer in terms of charge density and distribution/order of the charged domains while maintaining selective permeability and high flux. Therein, breakthrough advancements have remained challenging due to insufficient control and understanding of the separation layers. Consequently, this calls for fresh concepts to not only nano-engineer the constituents (or composition) of the active separation layer but also their mesoscale organization within this layer. Polyelectrolyte microgels (MGs) with tailored chemical functionalities, defined crosslinking densities and controlled size distribution provide an excellent material class, allowing to tune the relevant polyelectrolyte/feed interactions with the additional possibility of controlled assembly into domains within the active layer.
Principle Investigators:
Wessling, Matthias, Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Chair of Chemical Process Engineering (AVT/CVT)
RWTH Aachen University
+49 241 80-95470
Walther, Andreas, Dr.
DWI - Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials
RWTH Aachen University
+49 241 80-23341